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James White Drinks


Over at James White Drinks, they have been making fruit juices for over 22 years, which means they have masses of experience when it comes to knowing exactly what to do to make a high quality juice.

Since 1991 they've been based I a small farm in Ashbocking, just north of Ipswich. Originally a cider factory, Lawrence Mallinson bought the assets to James White and began to explore a love of freshly pressed apple juices. Originally one of the founders of New Convent Garden Soup, Lawrence has a knack for dreaming-up and creating new and exciting flavours.

WW were called in on two occasions, firstly to create a completely new drink from scratch, Big Tom Bloody Mary Mix was born. Big Tom was a huge success in both the on and off trades and as a result James White Drinks asked WW to assist them the creation of another new product, Manic Organic. This set 100% pressed juices with no additives or artificial preservatives are made with only the healthiest organic ingredients.