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The X.B story is unusual. The idea of making and selling a new premium drinks brand based on the historically successful cocktail ‘Sex on the Beach’ was proposed by a private investor in December 2012. At that stage nothing at all existed. The IP, company, product, packaging, name, brand imagery, pricing, sales force, consumer strategy, and management team had to be created from scratch.

Within five months X.B – a pre-mixed recipe at 12.5% alcohol volume of orange, cranberry, peach and grape blended with smooth triple distilled grain vodka had been successfully launched in May 2012 at the Cannes Film Festival to great acclaim with celebrity packed launches in the leading Riviera nightclubs. 2013 has seen the brand expand into USA, and Europe.

Best New Brand of 2012 at the recent MICS Awards.

Monaco International Clubbing Show