The Boodles 2014

June 2014, Events

The Walford Wilkie team had a delightful away day at The Boodles 2014 held on the stunning grounds of Stoke Park. Sipping champagne and relaxing in the glorious summer sunshine, we watched some of the rising stars of tennis play on grass for the first time this year. In the intimate setting of the Players […]


Birchall focus groups

April 2014, Events, Work

As part of our ongoing relationship with Birchall Tea, we arranged for several focus groups, from different demographics, to sample the tea over a set period of time. We recently got everyone in to receive some feedback on every aspect of brand and product. Focus groups give us great research and insight into how our […]


Inside Boodles

March 2014, Culture, Events, Work

Well done to Boodles for their Channel 4 show #InsideBoodles on Sunday night. The Greenfire necklace looked superb and the directors and their staff were charming as always. Glad for them to receive the recognition they deserve.


Scientific Research with Sportsmen

November 2013, Events, Studio

WW and Reboot have been conducting some clinical experiments with sportsmen to evaluate the effect of our dietary supplement on strenuous exercise. These amateur athletes all the way over in Spain have been given Reboot on a daily basis for 2 weeks and then participated in many vigorous exercises where their blood and urine was […]


X.B Best New Brand

March 2013, Events, Work

X.B the premium drinks brand based on the historically successful ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail was proposed by a private investor in December 2011. By 2012 it was given the ‘Best New Brand 2012’ award at the recent MICS awards in Monaco. It has now been launched in Paris, London, Madrid, Ibiza and the US […]


X.B – Launch Events

January 2013, Events

X.B launched over the summer of 2012 with a huge array of star-studded events across France, the UK, Spain and the USA. Here are some snapshots from a handful of these events – many of which were branded by WW. The entire concept and product of X.B was created in the space of 5 months […]


The Lady Ambassador Programme

December 2012, Events, Work

Whilst working to rejuvenate The Lady magazine, WW proposed a nationwide network of brand ambassadors – loyal readers and evangelists who could represent the brand in their local communities and workplaces. We proposed that the Lady Ambassadors would attend fairs and events in these tents, especially designed by WW. Inspired by the illustrative decorative style […]