PureJewels’ New Artistry

September 2014, Studio, Work

In the advent of PureJewels’ launch of their own British designed & handmade engagement collection, WW has been working with the brand to develop their proposition and visual assets. As the company began in India, moved to East Africa and then established in Britain, WW formulated a new brand proposition based upon “The Journey”. In […]


Launch of our New Website

January 2014, Studio, Work

WW has released our new website which was much anticipated. The site was designed in house and developed by Ángel Meraz. Feel free to check out our hard work.


Christmas Baking

December 2013, Studio

We have a designer/baker in the studio. Not a birthday or holiday goes by without one of her treats appearing in the studio! Her most recent creation was a fruit cake with a winter landscape complete with edible glitter, a cosy cottage and grazing deer. Merry Christmas!


Scientific Research with Sportsmen

November 2013, Events, Studio

WW and Reboot have been conducting some clinical experiments with sportsmen to evaluate the effect of our dietary supplement on strenuous exercise. These amateur athletes all the way over in Spain have been given Reboot on a daily basis for 2 weeks and then participated in many vigorous exercises where their blood and urine was […]


Luxury – Bespoke Presentation

September 2013, Studio

For an investor in a brand we handled, we have designed a bespoke white leather box. When opened you can find 12 slots each representing one month and within those slots are product sachets. There is one for every day of the year. Like an oversized and luxurious pill box. The box was designed by […]


Birchall Tea Experiment

August 2013, Studio

To evaluate the incredible quality of Birchall tea, we emptied some tea bags on a white plate to compare the pure colour of Birchall’s tea leaves (centre) with its competitors (around). As you can see the results were stark! The darker the colour of the tea the better the quality of the leaves and the […]


Too Much Tea?

August 2013, Studio

We are working on some experiments for Birchall tea. One involved brewing different types of tea to evaluate the quality of Birchalls compared to other brands. As a result we have quite a lot of tea in the studio… Fancy a cuppa?

Too Much Tea 2

Maymay – Up close & personal

May 2013, Studio, Work

For Boodles’ new collection of floral rings, in collaboration with artist Anne Ten Donkelaar, WW produced the letters of the collection name in a pinned photo-collage made with cut-out flowers from gardening books. The amazing letters are about 14 inches tall and incredibly intricate. They are proudly displayed in our studio. As the ‘a’ and […]


Boodles Photoshoot 2012

June 2012, Shoots, Studio

Some behind the scenes snapshots from the beautiful shoot we produced for Boodles 2012 brand campaign. Shot in Sardinia with a small team we all had to take a hands on approach! You can check out the final shots here: Brand Campaign 2012