Brochures are a key element in the Boodles marketing mix. They are one of their most important selling and image development tools, used within the shops and mailed to current customers regularly to build the customer relationship with aspiration and desirability.Continuing the theme of the British Landscape explored in the 2012 brand campaign imagery, WW proposed product photography that used the textures found within the British Landscape but in a subtle way. Sand, wood, rock, coal, pebbles, leaves and shells were transformed into level black and white backgrounds – adding interest and creating scaled-down landscapes in which to place the jewellery. These shots added and interesting sense of macro and micro, especially combined with the vast landscapes the featured within the model photography.

This brochure also integrated editorial content with the photography for the first time. Articles were based on the inspiration of the British Landscape, The Boodles tennis tournament, the making of Boodles’ Wonderland collection and the process of sourcing rare gemstones, told within an interview with Jody Wainwright. Adding this editorial content added another dimension to this year’s brochure, and reinforced the brand value of Boodles.WW have played a key role in helping increase the business sevenfold. Profitability has dramatically increased and Boodles is now recognised internationally for its superlative design.