Founded in 1839 by John Charles Cording, Cordings opened its doors on The Strand as outfitters and waterproofers to the gentry. In 1877 the company moved to its current home at 19 Piccadilly where the company expanded to include a complete tailoring service. The company was sold to Eric Clapton in 2003 as a result of being their best customer, and embarked on re-establishing its reputation of quality with an emphasis on tradition.

WW were brought in to help Cordings successfully rejuvenate the brand and generate increased sales. Although their prime position on Piccadilly, the shop had very limited walk-ins and therefore we set to work on a creative that would capture the attention of passers-by as well as extend into marketing material for the brand.

Our idea was to produce mannequins with the heads of animals closely related to the brands clothing and clientele. These characters were then photographed with Cordings attire and reproduced as marketing material. To support the imagery WW created an end line for the brand, Classy Clobber, in order that potential customers were made immediately aware of the company’s line of business.