Daler Rowney are leaders in Acrylic paints and required a campaign to promote the new ‘Heavy Body’ range under their market leading System 3 brand. The ‘Heavy Body’ paint gives the artist a unique heavy impasto feel to their strokes that hasn’t before been achieved with an acrylic paint.WW were commissioned to develop a marketing idea that could demonstrate the abilities of the ‘Heavy Body’ against their ‘Original’ smoother paints and be quickly and easily understandable internationally in a below-the-line campaign and for point of sale.

The creative theme introduced the line Lay it on thick. Spread it on thin, and is based on the idea of illustrating, literally, the differences of the two paint styles.The campaign features four specially commissioned paintings using images that would be work globally – a cockerel, an ice cream cone, a crab and a Vespa motorcycle – by award winning artist Hashim Akab. One half of the painting used System 3 Heavy Body paints, and the other half in contrast was painted with System 3 Original.