Ganjam, the historic Indian jewellers, by appointment to the Maharajah of Mysore, who were commissioned by the King of Nepal at the turn of the last century, approached WW identifying that we offered greater insight and expertise in luxury than Indian-based marketing or advertising agencies.WW created a campaign theme – ‘Heighten your senses’ – which featured artistic sensuous images of the five senses, illustrating the experience of wearing Ganjam’s beautiful jewellery. Shot in collaboration with Vogue photographer Dan Smith in Goa, India, the imagery appeared in all brand sales and marketing channels.

This new brand presentation, giving the company a renewed sense of purpose, has underpinned Ganjam’s Indian expansion and doubled sales. The brand’s image has been dramatically moved forward and it has achieved International recognition. Ganjam is featured as one of India’s leading luxury brands in the book ‘India by Design’ by M. Boroian & A. De Poix.