Looking to market a new collection of floral rings Boodles commissioned WW to produce a creative that would service for on and offline advertising and in-store. With their lower entry level price the aim for the collection is to attract new customers whilst still appealing to their existing customers.With that in mind WW proposed a concept that suited a younger, style focused consumer. In collaboration with Anne Ten Donkelaar, WW produced the letters of the collection name in a pinned photo-collage made with cut-out flowers from gardening books.The collage featured the individual inspirations for the jewellery designs – Waterlily, Bluebell, Wild Rose, Tulip & Jasmine – all in a complimentary palette of Boodles Pink.

The campaign launched in the press on the first day of the Chelsea Flower show with customer and press events in the London stores. Two of the ring inspirations have now been expanded into collections with the others to follow suit.WW have played a key role in helping increase the business sevenfold. Profitability has dramatically increased and Boodles is now recognised internationally for its superlative design.