WW devised a through-the-line campaign to increase direct sales by promoting Ganjam jewellery as being accessible to all discerning jewellery wearers – not just the super rich. At the same time it aimed to elevate Ganjam to a desired brand that new customers can strive for whilst strengthening existing customers purchase choice.Unique product photography was created for the Own A Ganjam campaign, completely unseen previously in India. Rich textures from real backgrounds were used in reference to each collection and worked strongly on both billboards and print advertising. The success of the campaign meant the idea ran for a second year extending to other regions within India.

This new brand presentation, giving the company a renewed sense of purpose, has underpinned Ganjam’s Indian expansion and doubled sales. The brand’s image has been dramatically moved forward and it has achieved International recognition. Ganjam is featured as one of India’s leading luxury brands in the book ‘India by Design’ by M. Boroian & A. De Poix.