Brochures are a key element in the Boodles marketing mix. They are one of their most important selling and image development tools, used within the shops and mailed to current customers regularly to build the customer relationship with aspiration and desirability.As part of their high value offering Boodles commissioned WW to art direct and produce brochures specifically to target these sales. Two recent examples have been the Ashoka and Rare Gemstones brochures.

The Rare Gemstones brochure features jewellery with stones rigorously sought out by Director of Gemstones, Jody Wainwright.

To partner the ongoing British landscape theme, natural props in mute tones were used as a set for products and to give the gemstones a sense of scale close-up graphic portraits were taken to support the product photography.WW have played a key role in helping increase the business sevenfold. Profitability has dramatically increased and Boodles is now recognised internationally for its superlative design.