A core part of every successful jewellery brand is their engagement offering. Engagement is often the first moment a person surrounds themselves in the diamond jewellery world, and therefore is a perfect opportunity for a jeweller to ingratiate their brand with a long and fruitful relationship. Known as the British Tiffany, Boodles are well placed to be successful in the engagement market in the UK.Recently Boodles have consolidated their ring designs under new range names to bring more cohesion and to allow the introduction of new designs. As part of this WW were commissioned to produce a short film around the phase Will You Boodle Me?, originally developed by WW, that could be used online, in-store and eventually as part of a advertising push.

WW proposed an illustrated animation which centred around two characters symbolised by lines of the brand colours – the male in grey and the female in pink. The two lines dance and pose each other questions and their movements express their reactions to those questions. A simple yet emotive animation in the film strongly brands Boodles engagement not only visually but in spirit.WW have played a key role in helping increase the business sevenfold. Profitability has dramatically increased and Boodles is now recognised internationally for its superlative design.