Brochures are a key element in the Boodles marketing mix. They are one of their most important selling and image development tools, used within the shops and mailed to current customers regularly to build the customer relationship with aspiration and desirability.As part of their high value offer Boodles produces a bi-annual collection of figurative jewellery under the umbrella name Wonderland. Many of the inspirations for the jewellery were fantastical explorations of nature and therefore WW came up with the concept of an island named Wonderland where many of these unusual species could have existed.

Much like 18th Century studies of plant and animal life where artists were taken on board ships to record findings, WW proposed a brochure idea where these drawings could act as inspiration for the jewellery designs across a spread.

Collaborating with botanical and zoological illustrator Brian Poole, WW created a unique brochure that brought gravitas to the collection as well as unifying the jewellery designs into a consistent theme.WW have played a key role in helping increase the business sevenfold. Profitability has dramatically increased and Boodles is now recognised internationally for its superlative design.