Ganjam’s story is sufficiently rich, and deep, to command interest and respect. WW wanted to present the brand not as an accessory to other brands, but as the hero in its own right. The company’s commitment to maintaining the traditional skills of jewellery making and its unique history and design philosophy led us to recommend a large hardback ‘coffee-table’ brand book as a major marketing tool.A limited edition item only available to highly valued trade and retail customers it promoted the brand’s luxury values, exclusivity, and craftsmanship using specially commissioned product photography of heritage and contemporary jewellery by Edward Edwards.

These were interweaved with fashion photography by the controversial Indian photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta and Vogue photographer Dan Smith.This new brand presentation, giving the company a renewed sense of purpose, has underpinned Ganjam’s Indian expansion and doubled sales. The brand’s image has been dramatically moved forward and it has achieved International recognition. Ganjam is featured as one of India’s leading luxury brands in the book ‘India by Design’ by M. Boroian & A. De Poix.